A plan for every Size

Choose the best for your Company.


$ 99 / month
  • Supports 1 Device

  • Upto 3000 Customers/Mo

  • SMS Campaigns

  • Feedback Enabled

  • Network Policies: Guest

  • Marketing & Reporting tools


$ 149 / month
  • Supports 2 Access Points

  • Unlimited Customers

  • SMS,Email & Live Campaigns

  • Smart Loyalty Triggers

  • Multiple Network Policies

  • +Slim features


$ 199 / month
  • Supports 8 Access Points

  • Unlimited Users & Policies

  • Data Export & API Support

  • Data monitoring

  • Full Branding

  • +Features of Slim & Medium

Start Free

  • Install WiLoop on your own hardware from Suggested Vendor and avail Free 1 Month trial. Signup now!

Start Free

1 Month free.
  • Install WiLoop on your own hardware from Ubiquiti or the one provided by us and avail Free 1 Month trial. Signup now!

Frequently asked questions

We have a dedicated user training section

1. How do i get started?

Just subscribe to one of our plans and purchase a device, each device will approximately cover 100Metres of area. We will ship the device within 7 working days & send you instructions to connect the device.

3. I Need additional access-points?

You could purchase additional access-points through your dashboard by paying 120$ + Local taxes .

5. How do i get my WiLoop dashboard credentials?

WiLoop credentials are automatically sent over to your registered email id and mobile number. If you lost it, you could recover the password through our 'forgot password' link by entering your mobile number.

2.Do you provide Internet & wiring setup?

We do not currently provide broadband internet & wiring for access points, it has to be procured from your end. But we support all internet connections and our devices are plug and play!

4. Do you have a refund policy?

No! We do not provide refunds on any of our plans.

6. Can i install it on my own hardware?

Absolutely! If you have any of the Ubiquiti Unifi Access points, its super simple to setup WiLoop. Just contact via live chat.