Track Customer loyalty

WiLoop is state of the art Guest wifi system for your retail venue. You’ll get the tools you need to collect contacts faster and engage customers more effectively. And you’ll also get results you can see for yourself!

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Discover a seamless way to collect contacts of your visitors.

Customer Data

Collect customer contacts and other useful data whenever they sign in to your custom-branded free WiFi. Use this data to customise your service and customer relationship.

Loyalty Tracking

Keep track of customer visiting patterns, how often they visit, track their movements within your store, know when they stop visiting and what they are worth to your business.

Simple Setup

We provide you with simple plug & play access points that works over existing internet setup or setup it up on WiLoop Compatible hardware.

Powerful Marketing

Our platform allows you to enable automated marketing mailers & sms's to your customers.

Simple Wifi Signin 2

Your guests have to only register once at any WiLoop Enabled outlet. Thereafter, they’re automatically signed in when they visit your premises. Access their contact information and track their visits across all your stores.

Free Advertising 3

Display offers to your customers as they sign in to your WiFi network. Inform your customers about the upcoming events, promotions and offers. Of course, you will be notified when a visitor returns to your store.

Triggered Feedback 4

We automatically trigger a feedback collection mail once your customers leave your store. Monitor your customer feedback from any part of the world. Learn from it to make relevant adjustments to your business.

Advanced Analytics 5

We have advanced reporting systems for understanding customer data, including visiting patterns and frequency. Track total time spent by customers at different parts of your store. Access your analytics dashboard from anywhere in the world.

That's not all !

Discover more Features

Live Messaging
Boost your sales in real-time by sending offers and promotions to clients present at your premises at a given time. We have noticed that this could increase your sales by more than 30%.
Seamless Wifi
Our access points enable uninterrupted, seamless WiFi access at your premises. The WiFi network could be separated for owners, staff & guest with policies for time, data and speed limits.
Workspace optimised
Leverage the off-peak hours and turn your venue into a co-working space for customers by providing them high-speed internet access using our proprietary workspace policy.
You just need one click

Email & SMS Campaigns

Send offers and promotions via Email & SMS to your customers. Automate this based conditions pre-set in your dashboard. We offer up to 10000 SMS messages and 250000 emails a month based on your plan.
Integrate with your own apps.

Open API

Integrate WiLoop with existing POS, ERP or any other software using our open API Channel. Contact us for the API documentation. Trigger events through our webhooks or just import the date to your POS.

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More than 1500 Brands use our product.